Success Stories

  • "I was having some trouble with my back for a few weeks and tried everything to get rid of it. We tried some medications and seemed to help a little, but my doctor said if it continues that i should try a chiropractor and see if it helps. I was always scared to see a chiropractor but after I saw Dr. Brosmer, I can't believe I didn't try it earlier. He was very gentle and it didn't hurt at all--it actually felt really good." My pain decreased the first treatment and got better everytime. I'm feeling really good right now and I'm sure I'll need a few adjustments from time to time (especially when I overdo it). But I know who to go to when I'm hurting again! I've sent a lot of my friends and they've all had great results. Thank goodness for chiropractic. I wouldn't know where I'd be without it."
  • "My 7 year old son woke up in the morning in tears and couldn't move his neck to the left or right. It was horrible. We took him in to Dr. Brosmer and after an adjustment he popped up off the table and he seemed back to normal. Dr. Brosmer checked his backpack and questioned him on some other postures that he was in all day. We set him up with a new backpack and started on a couple exercises and posture activities and he's been great ever since. We take him in a couple of times a year to check the spine out and he loves it! He also received a t-shirt there and it is his favorite. He wears it everywhere."
  • "I had a lifting injury at work and could barely walk into the office due to low back and leg pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I am an active 54 year old that works in a factory. After the first visit, i found dramatic relief instantly and continued with a couple adjustments over the next few weeks to help stabilize my back and get me stable again. I continue to visit Dr. Brosmer once a month or two to keep my back strong, flexible, and in line so that I can continue to do the work that I do. It's been a blessing and I will continue care for the rest of my life!!"
  • "Dr. Brosmer is what we were looking for! We moved to Jasper a couple of years ago with our five children and we were searching for a family friendly chiropractor to help with our many needs (and many kids)!. The first chiropractor we started out with was very pleasant and accommodating, but we soon found ourselves feeling like it was more about scheduling us again for another appointment rather than treating our symptoms and problems. My husband and I went on the search again for a family chiropractor when we found Dr. Brosmer. We have been so happy with the care we have received from him. We no longer feel that we're just a number to get another appointment scheduled. Furthermore, it is so refreshing to have someone take the time necessary to treat the symptoms, discuss our questions and problems, and not feel like we're being rushed in and out the door for the next patient. We couldn't be more pleased and would recommend Dr. Brosmer to anyone."
    W.C. and Family
  • "I was in attendance at a lecture given by Dr. Brosmer about Bone Health, Calcium, and Chiropractic. I'm in my 50's and after having some bone density problems on my last few bone density tests, his lecture made sense. I started a protocol of a special calcium product from his office that is a "complete bone food" that includes vitamin D, a special form of calcium, and multiple other vitamins/minerals all in one supplement that helps the body take the calcium, vitamins, and minerals and digest it easily and put it into my body and bones. I took Dr. Brosmer's advice of a few dietary and lifestyle changes and my last bone density test showed an actual increase in bone density!! I was a little concerned of the possible side effects of fosamax and some of the other osteoporosis medications and was ecstatic to see with a little willpower and his help, we are back on the right path with my bone structure!! Thanks again!!"

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